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Tell Policymakers Your Story

The most effective means to communicate your message to policymakers is in person. Of equal importance is patients relating how they have benefited from prosthetic and orthotic intervention and how their quality of life improved with a prosthesis or orthosis that was fabricated and fitted by a Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist. During congressional recesses you may wish to visit your representative’s local office. Find your Representatives and Senators


Faxing your message to your representatives also carries significant impact, followed by letter writing sent through US mail and finally by e-mail. You can find more information about contacting your representatives by viewing the get informed and get involved section of this site or by calling the Capitol switchboard (House: 202-225-3121 and Senate: 202-224-3121) and asking to speak with your representative.

How to Write a Letter to Your Representative

Your name and address

The Honorable (full name)
Address of Senator or Representative:

Subject (optional, see examples)

  • I was denied access to O&P care

  • I was denied access to advanced technologies in O&P Care

  • I am suffering due to substandard O&P patient care

  • I have benefited from orthotic and prosthetic intervention

  • Professional O&P care improved my quality of life

  • Professional O&P care prevented costly complications


Dear Representative (last name):

In the first paragraph please identify yourself. Include the fact that you are an orthotic and /or prosthetic patient. In summary form, explain to your representative why you are writing to him or her and what you hope to accomplish.

Describe your circumstances and list any obstacles preventing you from leading a full productive life and participating in community activities. You may also want to provide examples of positive circumstances or patient care that is improving your quality of life. Give facts and timeframes to support your personal experiences.

Reiterate what you hope to accomplish and ask for a reply. Also, thank your representative for considering your viewpoint.

Your Name

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