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New Officers and O&P Policy Developments

NAAOP Announces New Officers and O&P Policy Developments

NAAOP announced its new officers, effective January 1, 2024, which include the following leaders in the O&P profession. Congratulations to this new slate of officers and our sincere thanks to our existing NAAOP Officers who will continue to serve NAAOP through 2023.

President: Ann Leimkuehler Moss, Union Orthotics & Prosthetics, Pittsburg, PA

Vice President: Nate Kapa, C.P., Bremer Prosthetics, Flint, Michigan

Secretary: Regina Weger, a 30-year O&P industry leader and retired from Hanger, Inc.

Treasurer: Adam Miller, Orthotics and Prosthetics Group of America, Waterloo, Iowa

NAAOP also congratulates Nikki Grace-Strader, one of our 2022 Breece Fellows and winner of the “O&P Woman of the Year” Award. Nikki is the Director of Operations for Osseointegration International, Inc., and a successful OI prosthetic limb user.

O&P Policy Developments:

Osseointegration Reimbursement: CMS recently announced a fee schedule amount for an osseointegration coupling device add-on HCPCS code that is approximately twice what CMS originally proposed. Additional work related to a base code may be necessary, but this is a very positive development for OI patient access.

Powered Orthoses: CMS recently released a proposed regulation on orthoses which solidified the definition of the orthotic benefit and clarified that power applied to orthoses are considered covered benefits under Medicare. This is a major victory for the orthotic field that is likely to benefit patients for decades to come. NAAOP and its O&P Alliance partners submitted comments in support of this important rule.

Upper Prosthetic Limb Coding Clarification: In March, NAAOP and the O&P Alliance helped secure the retirement of the Upper Prosthetic Limb Coding Clarification by the DME MAC Medical Directors. But subsequent follow-up with the DME MACs indicates that more work needs to be done before Medicare beneficiaries get meaningful access to upper limb prosthetic technology and clinical care.

Temporary Coverage of Emerging Technologies: CMS also issued a notice proposing to grant temporary Medicare coverage for certain FDA-designated “breakthrough” devices and technologies, while manufacturers continue to develop the evidence base for long-term coverage. NAAOP and the Alliance submitted comments supporting the approach but sought several major improvements to the proposed process.

O&P Medicare Patient-Centered Care Act: Cosponsors continue to grow in support of this bill in the House as the Senate prepares to introduce companion legislation. The lead Republican sponsor of the bill testified before the House Ways and Means Committee in mid-September in strong support of this legislation. NAAOP encourages its members to access our Congressional Action Center at and email your Member of Congress to cosponsor the bill.

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