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NAAOP Letter to O&P Professionals

Dear O & P Professional:

NAAOP is beginning 2006 with a new look and a renewed emphasis on communicating our commitment to advocating for the millions of people with amputations, limb differences and orthopedic impairments. At the same time, NAAOP will continue to monitor the activity in Washington and maintain a strong presence in O&P legislation and regulation.

Congress reconvenes in a few weeks amid a major lobbying scandal that will decrease the influence of large political contributions and increase the importance of having a compelling, unified message delivered primarily by constituents.

That is why NAAOP is well positioned to represent the O&P field in 2006. NAAOP is a strong voice that represents all constituents in the comprehensive O&P patient process. As always, our highest priorities are patient outcomes and quality. Member involvement in NAAOP’s government relations activities, both financial and in-kind, has never been more important. Our strength is in our collective voice.

With Congress again poised to consider comprehensive Medicare changes this year in a very difficult fiscal climate, there will be tremendous pressure to further freeze or cut provider fees, expand and accelerate competitive bidding, and create quality standards that accommodate a wide range of providers and suppliers.

The threats and opportunities are great. NAAOP has been a catalyst for leadership in O&P healthcare legislation and we owe this success to our members. Of course, it is critical that we have a continued strong Washington presence during the 2nd session of the 109th Congress. If you are already a NAAOP member, thank you for your support. If you are not a member, please join us and make a difference. Join here on our website or please call 1-800-622-6740 and ask to speak with George Breece.

Thank you for your professional commitment to the advancement of O&P patient care and to the preservation of your profession.

Sincerely,Mark DeHarde PresidentGeorge W. Breece Executive DirectorPeter W. Thomas General Counsel

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