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Medicare Advantage Denials Webinar April 4th 2024

Updated: Apr 10

NAAOP Webinar: Challenging Medicare Advantage Denials

CMS recently published a final regulation establishing a new set of rules that O&P providers can use to challenge Medicare Advantage (MA) denials of coverage. This webinar will explain these new regulations in detail and give participants new tools to help ensure your Medicare Advantage patients get better access to orthotic and prosthetic care.

The New Regulations:

  • Create new procedures to prohibit misuse and abuse of prior authorization

  • Require that MA plans use Traditional Medicare coverage criteria

  • Prohibit the use of internally-developed coverage guidelines in key situations

  • Require transparency when MA plans create coverage standards of their own

  • Ban MA coverage algorithms and software that do not account for individual patient needs

  • Require MA denials to be approved by a physician or other qualified professional

Free of Charge: The webinar will be free of charge as a member benefit. Non-members are encouraged to participate and join NAAOP.

Questions and Answers: Active Q&A will be encouraged during the webinar. Please join us and invite your billing staff to participate.

REGISTRATION:  To register for this complimentary webinar use this EventBrite invite process. We hope you will join us. Thank you for your support of NAAOP!

. We hope you will join us. Thank you for your support of NAAOP!

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