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NAAOP Fellows Visit BOC

By Alicia Carver and Susannah Engdahl

On Monday June 10, 2019, the NAAOP Fellows spent the day at BOC headquarters in Owings Mills, Maryland. We were warmly welcomed by BOC’s President and CEO, Claudia Zacharias, as well as the entire BOC staff. We spent time learning about the roles each staff member plays within the organization and were able to see the team mentality they all embrace. We learned about their history as an accreditation organization, the makeup of their board of directors to include practitioners from all certification categories, and their proud recognition of the awards they have received in recent years, including nine Stevie Awards. John Schulte, CPO, joined us and took us through the process he follows as a Facility Accreditation Surveyor and what the BOC looks for in a facility. Everyone really showed to us the work they perform in trying to help the O&P community work together to achieve a unified goal. We were inspired by their commitment to quality and are thankful for all the work BOC put into planning and executing a great day for the NAAOP Fellows!

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