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Academy and NAAOP members

Welcome to the NAAOP site. Thank you for supporting your patients and your colleagues in the O&P community in this grassroots effort. The following summary was intended to clarify the appeal our community is making to policy makers and suggest the type of information that you can provide.

Congress has acted and the statutes are in place that should protect Medicare beneficiaries and the providers who serve them. The regulations that CMS constructs to interpret the statutes will determine the quality of patient care. The pertinent message needed from clinicians now is any patient-oriented evidence you can supply that supports the benefits of quality orthotic and prosthetic care provided by qualified practitioners. Your leadership is committed to communicating the patient benefits of care provided by ABC, BOC or state licensed orthotists, prosthetists or orthotist-prosthetists that work at an ABC or BOC accredited facility. By limiting payment to this definition of quality orthotic and prosthetic care provided by qualified practitioners, CMS can protect patients’ safety, efficacy and Medicare program integrity by eliminating the type of fraud seen in Florida. This is the message that can be supported by your patient care experience. Please e-mail your patient care experience to your representatives by visiting the sites listed below and entering your zip code information to access your representative.

The following reference materials are available for your review:

  1. The Academy letter to their membership dated June 13, 2005

  2. June 3, 2005 letter to Mark B. McClellan, Administrator, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, regarding Recent Medicare Fraud in Florida and the Need for Restrictions on Billing for Orthotic and Prosthetic Care

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