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By now everyone should be well aware of the concept of Essential Health Benefits (EHB) that must be covered by new individual plans and small group plans beginning in 2014. NAAOP has been fighting for inclusion of Rehabilitative Services and Devices (including orthotics and prosthetics) in the EHB package for several years. Right now, most states are determining the contents of their EHB packages and we need your help to make sure they include coverage of O&P care.

Please share this document http://naaop.org/links/openletter/ with policy-makers in your state, leadership of your state O&P associations, and lobbyists for our profession at the state level who can help influence decisions that are being made as the Essential health Benefits package is defined in your state. These EHB packages will also be updated in the future, so this document should be an important reference for years to come. It is widely supported by over 50 national organizations. NAAOP has signed onto this consortium as well as AOPA, ABC, the Academy and BOC. Please help us deliver this message to those who are shaping the future of the patients we serve.

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